Energy Conservation
By using only 1500 watts, the NuWave Mosaic Induction Wok uses a fraction of the energy your traditional gas or electric stovetops use. Plus, the induction technology heats only the wok and not your countertops saving you even more energy. By cooking with the NuWave Mosaic instead of your old appliances, you can save money on your energy bills.
Because there’s no open flame, the heat is kept within the wok itself, leaving your countertops cool to the touch. And unlike stovetop woks which can get extremely hot and are prone to being wobbly and unstable, the Induction Wok Base remains cool and stable while you cook. Plus, the NuWave Mosaic can even shut itself off automatically when the built-in timer runs out for added safety.
Fast Precise Cooking
Once you turn on the NuWave Mosaic, the entire wok surface heats up extremely quickly thanks to the advanced induction technology combined with the carbon steel material of the wok itself. Carbon steel is the preferred choice for professional chefs because it responds to temperature changes extremely fast, so when you set the precise cooking temperature with the temperature control dial, the wok will reach that temperature extremely quickly.
Healthy Cooking Made Easy
With the Mosaic Induction Wok, you can now enjoy the same great stir-fry dishes you love from your favorite Chinese restaurants, but made healthier because you control exactly what goes into your wok creations. So, you can leave out the extra oil and fat or add in extra healthy vegetables; the choice is yours. This is especially useful if you have food allergies that prohibit you from eating at some Asian restaurants. Now you can enjoy delicious wok-created food without worrying about potential peanut or gluten contamination.
Easy To Clean
You can cook entire meals for the whole family in the Mosaic Wok, saving you extra dishes when it’s time to clean up. When you’re all finished, simply wipe the wok clean with a paper towel or a dry rag. There’s no more deep scrubbing or scouring countless pans when you’re cooking with the NuWave Mosaic.