Heats Quickly & Evenly
The carbon steel wok is custom-made for the Mosaic’s induction base, ensuring the curvature of the wok and the base match perfectly. This means that the total surface of the wok comes in contact with the induction surface, ensuring every part of the wok heats up quickly and evenly every time.
Because there’s no open flame, the heat is kept within the wok itself, leaving your countertops cool to the touch. And unlike stovetop woks which can get extremely hot and are prone to being wobbly and unstable, the Induction Wok Base remains cool and stable while you cook.
Digital Temperature Controls
Stop guessing your cooking temperature with imprecise dials and vague settings on your stove. The NuWave Mosaic lets you set your precise cooking temperature between 100 and 575°F, adjustable in 5-degree increments using the temperature control dial.
Time & Temperature Display
The NuWave Mosaic’s advanced temperature probe includes a digital time and temperature display, so you can always know precisely what temperature you’re cooking at or how much time is left before the Mosaic shuts off.
Premium Tempered Glass Lid
The NuWave Mosaic comes with a premium tempered glass lid complete with a cool-to-the-touch handle and a built-in vent to prevent excess steam buildup while you cook. This lid is even dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.
Lightweight & Portable
The NuWave Mosaic weighs just 12 pounds while still boasting a 4-quart capacity, making it incredibly easy to cook delicious meals for the whole family almost anywhere. With the wok stand that's included with every Mosaic, you can even remove the wok from the base and bring it to the dinner table when you're ready to eat. The NuWave Mosaic can even go where you go. As long as you have an electrical outlet, you can cook delicious wok-style food on the patio, in the RV or boat, or even at the campsite.